Chronic Illness

Chronic health conditions call into question our basic assumptions and ideas about life-what we thought our lives would be like, how we want to live our lives, our plans, our dreams, and even our values. If you have a chronic illness (such as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Chronic Pain, Environmental and/or Food Allergies, Fibromyalgia, Multiple Sclerosis, or Parkinson's Disease) you may feel isolated and alone. Not only can others not relate to your condition, but friends and family members may have grown tired of hearing about your circumstances and challenges. You may also be experiencing intense emotions such as fear, anger, loss, grief, and depression and feeling overwhelmed. You may be struggling to answer the questions:

  • How could this happen to me?
  • What can I do to feel better?
  • How do I support myself and/or my family members now, when it is difficult to even get out of bed?
  • How can I make it through the day?

In Therapy I Will Support You:

  • by creating a nonjudgmental place for you to express your deepest frustrations, fears, and triumphs. I will listen attentively with both my heart and mind to your experience. Clients often begin to feel some relief when they have the opportunity to speak fully about their situation. You do not have to feel isolated and alone.
  • by helping you explore and understand the many difficult feelings and emotions that, although unpleasant, are natural responses to dealing with a chronic health condition. You do not have to fear strong emotions. Therapy can help you access your own deepest wisdom and healing potential.
  • in developing a self-care plan consisting of specific steps you can take to manage your illness and your life. This includes identifying your unique needs and resources. A self-care plan can help you free up energy allowing you to experience more joy and contentment in your life and relationships. Even when faced with the challenges of your illness, you do not have to feel continuously overwhelmed.
My personal experience with managing chronic illness led me to fulfill my long-held desire to become a psychotherapist. I have learned to work with my illness to where I now feel healthy and am committed to helping others achieve the best possible results in dealing with a variety of chronic health conditions.